Jubilee Park Woodland Walk

A design for a memorial walk in Leyton Jubilee Park to commemorate the late Councillor Christopher Robbins CBE. Comprising a trail marked by a series of hand-cast concrete information pillars and an educational booklet. The pillars are cast from low carbon cement and recycled aggregate such as glass, brick and limestone. The layers are inspired by the rubble from clearance following bomb damage in World War 2 that is buried underneath the site.

The project was developed in collaboration with artist Lucy Harrison, illustrator Matthew Pagett and in consultation with the family. Engagement workshops were hosted with three local schools to explore the local history and natural environment of the park.

Client: Waltham Forest Council

Status: Open June 2023

Team: Matter Architecture, Vico Visual Concrete, Standard8, Lucy Harrison, Matthew Pagett, Claudia Schenk